Tis the season…….. To contact your local gas engineer Broadway

At this time of year Many of you will be experiencing issues with your central heating systems. As we are all starting to use the heating more frequently as the weather starts to change this is when we realise perhaps our heating isn’t working quite as it should. You may have cold spots at the top of your radiators or cold spots at the bottom of them. If you have a regular or heat only boiler, the temperature output may be turned down still from the summer. Boiler breakdowns are rarely at a convenient time and we understand you want your boiler repair to be carried out as soon as possible. Here at Shire heating & plumbing  we are only to happy to help, Covering Worcestershire , Warwickshire and Gloucestershire we are available 6 days a week. We do not charge a call out fee so you would only be charged if we had to carry out any work. That being said we are also not one of these companies that will charge you just for the sake of it. Listed below are some useful tips for you to try before you pick up the phone .

NO HEATING OR HOT WATER – If you have a combi boiler check that the pressure guage is above 0.5 bar or at least in the green/grey area. If your pressure has dropped this may be the reason why your boiler is not working. It may just be down to pressure dropping over time or it could indicate you have a leak. Our gas engineers will be happy to attend to resolve this issue if you wish.

RAN OUT OF GAS – It happens to the best of us, If you have a gas meter that requires regular crediting and you have ran out of gas you would likely have to press your boilers reset button as this would have likely activated the boilers safety device.

HEATING ON WITH HOT WATER – Does your heating come on whilst your hot water is scheduled to be on? This is likely down to your diverter valve and would need to be attended by one of our gas fitters to make the repair.

FAULT CODES – If your boiler is showing a fault code it may be advisable to contact us to investigate further as many of these codes would need to be attended to by a Gas Safe engineer.

The above are just a few of the most common issues that can arise at this time of year and are by no means the least of any issues. In virtually all cases your heating system would need to be attended by a gas safe engineer. The more information you can give us when explaining your issue to us the better as we can arrive better prepared to get your heating up and running as soon as possible. We cover Worcestershire , Warwickshire and Gloucestershire